Cult candle brand, Boy Smells, and Bella Hadid’s and Jen Batchelor’s alternative spirits brand, Kin Euphorics, have joined forces to elevate consumers’ cognitive states through the power of scent and taste.

The pair have combined Boy Smells’ patented scent technology with Kin Euphorics’ adaptogenic and nootropic-infused beverages to launch the limited-edition Emotional Illuminations collection of mood-boosting candles, which correspond with three of the latter brand’s signature drinks.

“The benefit of each candle ties to the benefit of its respective beverage; they complement each other in a way that leads you toward a desired emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical place,” said Boy Smells cofounder Matthew Herman.

Retailing for $199 for the full six-item collection; $79 per beverage-candle pairing, and $48 for each individual candle, the collaboration includes a Restart candle inspired by the Kin Spritz beverage, which aims to awaken the senses; a Drop Out candle inspired by Lightwave, which taps camomile and lavender for a calming effect, and the Turn On candle, which harnesses carrot, citrus and vetiver, and takes after the Kin Bloom beverage.

Restart + Kin Spritz

Restart + Kin Spritz

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“The olfactory system is incredibly complex,” said Batchelor, who fortuitously connected with Herman and his Boy Smells cofounder, David Kien, through mutual friends. From then on, the synergy between the brands — and a subsequent opportunity for innovation — was obvious all parties.

“Pairing smell with taste, and then ultimately allowing for the functional aspect — the nootropics and adaptogenics — to open the mind to experience [scent and taste] in an even deeper way, and to be pushing the boundaries of what is commercially available right now, is something we’re super proud to be a part of,” Batchelor said.

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