Nancy Twine is trying her hand at something new — putting pen to paper.

The entrepreneur and founder of Briogeo on Wednesday unveiled her namesake content website, It will explore a handful of different areas of focus: entrepreneurship, personal finance, personal relationships, health and wellness, travel and lifestyle, and what she called “growth mindset.”

The idea came to Twine shortly after selling her hair care brand Briogeo to Wella Company last year for an undisclosed sum.

“I was talking to a friend of mine, who told me what I had done was really rare. I am a Black female who launched a business, scaled it, raised more than $20 million in private equity, and then sold the business. She said, ‘There must be so much value and insights that you’ve learned, and if you were to make that more accessible to people, you can help pave the way for more people looking to do what you did.’ That struck a chord with me,” Twine said.

As a professed fan of one-on-one mentorship, Twine’s goal is to go as wide as possible with the key learnings from her business journey, which started in 2013 when she founded Briogeo. “I’m thrilled about the timing of the launch, which is International Women’s Day, because the mission of what I’m trying to do ties back perfectly to that,” she said.

Her focus is on disseminating her insights on all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. “It’s not just about the playbook for a successful business, but how do you keep yourself physically and mentally well? How do you manage personal relationships when you have very little time? How do I make sure that I’m creating balance between the business I’m building so that I don’t burn out?’” Twine said. “It’s about these facets because it’s so important to invest in and cultivate them.”

Twine will try her hand at penning some of the content, and is outsourcing the rest to third-party experts. She will also have her own column, called Ask Nancy, and will be publishing weekly. Her goal is to publish eight articles a month.

“The majority of content will be focused on entrepreneurism because I did some crowdsourcing on my social to get a sense of what my audience felt was most important to them,” she said. “So we’re putting more of the content towards that. But everyone was interested in all of the pillars.”

Among her priorities, though, is cutting through the social media chatter about how to scale businesses. “On social media, the vast majority of people that are creating content around how to scale a business haven’t done it themselves,” Twine said. “They’re not even entrepreneurs that have done it. They’re personalities that have created content around this topic.

“I’m trying to lead through lived experience. Second of all, it’s redefining what the ‘girlboss’ movement is. It’s not just about getting to that next stage in your career,” Twine continued. “It’s about how do I create success in all facets because that’s what truly creates a life well lived.”

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