BeautyStat is giving a new category a go.

The brand, which launched in 2019 with its Universal C Skin Refiner — a 20 percent vitamin C serum — has expanded that franchise into SPF. Named the Universal C Skin Refiner SPF 50, the new product combines mineral SPF with the technology that powers its original formula. It is priced at $85 and is exclusive to Ulta Beauty.

Ron Robinson, BeautyStat’s founder and chief executive, said that the product has been in development since the brand launched.

“Upon launch, we heard from consumers about the fact that they wanted a sunscreen from us,” Robinson said. “This really came out of the fact that we are listening to our customers. That’s the base of BeautyStat.”

Creating a multitasking formula that served all consumers proved to be a time-consuming endeavor. “This has been almost four years in development,” he said. “It’s no easy feat to stabilize Vitamin C and then combine it with a mineral sunscreen that’s then going to be sheer and work on all skin tones.”

Robinson, a cosmetic chemist, also noted that combining antioxidants and SPF doubles the impact of both benefits. “Sunscreen alone only covers 55 percent of UV rays. You actually need to combine it with vitamin C which, plus sunscreen, gives you total, comprehensive coverage from UV rays,” he said.

The brand will instruct consumers to use the serum-sunscreen hybrid in the mornings, just after cleansing, and to use the original skin refiner at night. “This is your treatment step that also contains sunscreen,” Robinson said. “You use this, then follow with moisturizer. It’s counter to what consumers think about sunscreen, but this should be early on in your routine. Moisturizer doesn’t disturb the sunscreen at all; it essentially creates a perfect seal.”

That’s one piece of the education. The other will be around who the product is for. Despite its pale pink formula, Robinson said the product works on even the deepest skin tones. “Part of the education and what we’ll be doing to promote and grow awareness for this product is with influencers and content creators of diverse skin tones,” he said. “They’ll all be applying the product and showing how sheer, lightweight and fast-absorbing it is without any chalkiness or white cast. The whole influencer campaign shows the diversity and ease of use.”

Business at the brand remains strong. BeautyStat’s largest retail partner is Ulta Beauty, where the sunscreen will debut exclusively in all doors and online. Robinson is also a part of the retailer’s Muse Accelerator program, where he serves as a mentor for participating brand founders.

Industry sources estimate the product to reach $5 million in first-year sales, but Robinson declined to comment on the estimate.

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