Julia Fox was feeling philosophical at the early morning Courrèges show.

“Confidence is funny, because nobody knows if it’s real or not,” she said, all while wearing a see through dress. Sure, her shoulders were covered with a moto-style shrug, but the rest left little to the imagination.

“Just don’t overthink it. Nobody cares as much as you do. You have to kind of let go and it’s a little bit of a selfless act because you’re not thinking about how you’re being perceived. It’s just about being in the moment and seeing what the moment has to offer, and what you can offer to others in the moment. If not, you just get stuck on stupid things,” she said.

And if the 5’5” model seems towering when she walks the runway, it’s all down to that apparent confidence. “I have a tall aura,” she said.

The show was all about being in the moment, or what we miss when we aren’t. Designer Nicolas Di Felice sent models including Emily Ratajkowski down the runway staring down at phones while they walked through a cloud of smoke while the soundtrack thumped in query: “Is the sky blue?” It seemed to be a fashionable plea to look up from our screens.

Lisa Rinna and Avril Lavigne posed for pictures in the front row, though the Canadian singer wasn’t up to speaking and instead snapped her fingers at assistants.

Lena Mahfouf debuted a sleek bob, but admitted that it was just a wig for the day to top her leather look.

“It’s a little bit ‘The Matrix,’” the TikTok star said. “I love it because you feel sexy even though you don’t show any part of your body.”

Mahfouf said she met Di Felice at a fashion week party. “We met with champagne and I was like, ‘OK, you’re my soulmate now,’” she joked.

Chiara Mastroianni had style in spades, in a sleek black shift and thigh high patent leather boots. The French-Italian star said the outfit suited her, and fits in perfectly with her upcoming role in the ’60s-set “Monsieur Spade.”

Clive Owen takes over the role of detective Sam Spade, made famous by Humphrey Bogart. The character is dropped in the South of France for the upcoming AMC drama from “The Queen’s Gambit” creator Scott Frank and costume designer Pascaline Chavanne.

“My character moves between the ’50s and ’60s, which were really different types of fashion,” Mastroianni said. “We had incredible old vintage cars, which makes it really special because it gives you the feeling that you’re really in another world. Every little detail down to the extras in costume too, and it takes you into some kind of alternate experience,” she said.

As for the very of-the-now show, she said that she loves sleek shapes that still have little bit of an edge. “It’s a little bit rock – rock might be a stupid word because it doesn’t mean anything anymore – but there’s a little bit of a twist to it. He’s kept the vibe of the ’60s with a little bit of a Space Age touch, but he keeps very pure lines.”

She’s become personal friends with the Belgian designer who has an Italian name. “And his name is Di Felice, it means happiness in Italian. How beautiful can that be?”

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